Kameji mixed secondary school was started in 1998 as a community school by the stakeholders of Kameji sub-location. The school was registered in the year 2000, it started off with two incomplete classrooms, 9 pupils and 3 teachers.

The concept to start the school  was necessitated by the fact  that there was no secondary school in that sub location transverse by river Riana and roads in fairly poor state thus the pupils were forced to walk many kilometers to the nearest secondary school 6km away. Equally the river made other neighboring schools not  easily accessible.

The members of the community made frequent fund raising  and eventually put up more classrooms and a temporary office. In the year 2003 the first pupils admitted sat their K.C.S.E exams and registered a mean score of D+ with the top pupils scoring C 44points.
Since then the school has made leaps, bounds in improvement. Currently the school has 833 pupils (boys and girls.) and is a registered 3 streamed district school which is mixed day and boarding. The school has also improved infrastructure and boasts 5 staff houses, 8 hostels, modern dining and mini dining hall/kitchen, 1 laboratory, 1 library, 11 classrooms, mains electricity, and 1 computer room among other infrastructures.


All school tenders shall be advertised here,keep checking

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Annually lots of primary school students select to join Kameji mixed secondary school as their first choice. However, only 100-200 students are …

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